How to choose a mattress ?

Business,Home Business,Manufacturing Choosing a good mattress, It is very important to have enough sleep and enjoying a quality life is a dream for many people. Because the person lifetime has 1/3 time to spend on the bed, mattresses are the most important factor affecting sleep quality.

However, in the face of the market full of mattress, you fall into the difficulty of choice.

Is the mattress more expensive,the better?

Is the mattress softer, the better?

Why can‘t you sleep when you‘ve been lying down on mattress for a long time?

Why do you feel body aches when you wake up?

There are so many materials in the mattress, which is suitable for myself? latex, spring and memory cotton? This time let me tell you all kinds of mattresses!

1. Latex mattress
The raw materials of latex mattress is some boiled rubber tree milk.The rubber tree after boiling will release a kind of rubber protein,it can effectively inhibit the growth of pathogenic worms, and it‘s with natural milk flavor. So the natural latex mattress is a natural anti-mite and anti-bacterial health mattress, especially good for people with asthma symptoms and respiratory diseases,it‘s a kinds of friendly mattress. But it also has their shortcomings. Its biggest drawback is that it oxidizes easily. The oxidation process of latex mattresses is inevitable and cannot be stopped, and after oxidation, it is easy to take off small dust on the surface and produce peculiar smell. In addition, latex mattresses are easy to cause skin allergy, a considerable number of people in the world will have allergic reactions to latex. Of course, because of the scarcity of raw materials, the high price is also an important reason why latex mattresses cannot be popularized. Cheap latex mattresses on the market are synthetic latex, far less effective than natural latex.

2. Memory foam mattress
Memory cotton mattresses have also begun to appear in the mattresses market in recent years. The memory cotton mattress began to appear in the mattress Market in recent years. The memory cotton was originally a high-tech material designed and developed by NASA for the space program. The unique sensible temperature of the memory cotton mattress can adjust the wrong sleeping posture of the human body and relieve the pressure of the spine, so as to achieve a better sleep effect. Generally speaking,the temperature sensitivity means that the mattress is soft in summer and hard in winter. It will change the soft hardness according to the temperature. When you lie in and contact with the skin temperature, the mattress will slowly drop a suitable height, making the mattress fit your body and naturally eliminate your pressure.

3. Independent pocket spring mattress
it is an independent spring with unwoven fabric packed into a whole mattress. The sleeping sense is neutral. According to the size of the independent cylinder, the size is different, the anti-interference is good, and it is suitable for the couple whose schedule of work and rest is different. KIMKOO Mattress Machinery & Equipment is a specialized in pocket spring machine and various kinds mattress machinery. Including the mattress tape edge machine,pocket spring machine,pocket spring assembly machine and the mattress packing machine.with more than 10 years of experience and sales in more than 100 countries worldwide.

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